Premiere - New Zealand's Best 2020

  • 1h 18m

Online Premiere event: Sunday 26 July, 6.00 pm

New Zealand’s Best 2020 Audience Choice Award Help give New Zealand’s best short films the homegrown recognition they deserve. Each account holder renting the Online Premiere or Online Rental of New Zealand’s Best 2020 will receive a voting form by email. Online voting closes Sunday 2 August 6.00 pm. One vote per account - if you’re watching with a group, you get one representative vote for your group.



Filmmaker Extras

24 mins
Filmmaker Introductions

Guest Selector Tusi Tamasese and each of the six directors introduce New Zealand’s Best 2020 Shorts. Filmmaker Extras available after purchase of film.

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New Zealand's Best 2020
  • 1h 18m